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Assoufid, University of Illinois at Chicago, US 12:20 Modeling of Electronic Transport in Molecular Devices.K.Karnik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US 3:30 Nanostructured Materials Devices Room 360 CF Session chair: Tom Twardowski, Twardowski Scientific, US 3:30 An Overview of Sensing and Waveguiding with Plasmonic Building Blocks.

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functional toner materials. Guo, Integrated Composites Laboratory (ICL Lamar University, US - Impedance of Nanoparticles Embedded Electrospun Nanofiber. Mao, University of Oklahoma, US - Covalent biofunctionalization of noncovalently immobilized

fluorous thinfilms using click chemistry.M. Wong, Rice University, US - Nanomagnetite used in the purification of arsenic contaminated water. Anderson Cancer Center, US 2:00 Research in Germany Workshop Room 362 E 1:30 How Cleantech Capital Markets are Weathering the Downturn Room 330 AB Session chair: Michael Kanellos, Greentech Media -. Gopal, Allahabad University, IN - Nanocubes in Nanocubes: Using self-assembly to enhance the performance. Bader, Argonne National Laboratory, US - Anisotropy Deviation from Stokes and Fourie Laws in Nanochannels.E. Kaina, Microstaq Inc, US 5:30 NanoEngineering lüneburg Corporation. Jugroot, Royal Military College of Canada, CA - Tribological properties of carbon nanotubes as lubricant additives. Grunlan, Texas A M University, US - Graphene-Polyimide Nanocomposite Film.R. Li, National Chiao Tung University, TW - On the behavior of non-Newtonian fluids in microsystems for biotechnology. Dayan, National Research Council Canada, CA 11:20 Fabrication Processes and Multi-functional Properties of Carbon Nanotube/Inorganic Nanocomposites.H. As one of the collaborative efforts via the recently funded Engineering Research Center, we are working on the design and fabrication of a single crystal piezoelectric PMN-PT based diaphragm for ultrasonic power transmission. Pidaparti, Virginia Commonwealth University, US - Novel Structures from Polymer-Salt Mediated Interactions in Microfluidics Channels.C. Advincula, University of Houston, US 3:50 Nanoscale UV-absorber for sustainable paint and coating applications. Schilling, Genomatica, US 11:40 Use of different natural Extracts from Tropical warum plants as Green Inhibitors for Metals. Lee, Sungkyunkwan Univeristy, KR - Key Success Factors in supporting Clean Tech start-ups: a general framework and an Italian experience. Miller, L-M Xie,. López-Luke, centro de investigaciones en optica AC, MX - Photoluminescence of Trivalent Dysprosium Ions in Silver-Doped Aluminophosphate Glasses.A. The material has a large piezoelectric coefficient and a low dielectric loss compared to conventional piezoelectric materials. Branen, University of Idaho, US - A Multifunctional mwcnt strain sensor: sensing and damping. Knoll, University of Muenster, DE - Use of Nanofilters for the Control of Polution from the Industrial Chimneys. Kikkawa, Hiroshima University, JP - p-Type Single-Wall Garbon Nanotube Network on n-Type Si for Heterojunction Photovoltaic Cells. Pratsinis, ETH Zürich, CH - Colloidal apatite nanoparticles exhibiting luminescence and magnetic susceptibility. Bairat, Nerac, Inc., US 4:10 Design for Recycling of Electronic Devices. Pouteau, Cea-Leti Minatec, FR - A Comparison of Surface Acoustic Wave Modeling Methods.C. Tucker, Keithley Instruments, Inc., US 3 Standard practices for characterization and use of nanomaterials (tubes, wires, and particles) in large scale electronics manufacturing. Choi, Sogang University, KR - Probing Test of the High Density Microprobe Array with Out-Of-Plane Predeformation. Bio Analytical Instrumentation, bio Nano Materials, drug Delivery.

Bill Byun, miller, cA 5 30 Controlled Electron Transport Through Single Molecules 30 HydrogenSteel Compatibility Research at nistBoulder. S Kratos Analytical Inc, nanomics BioSciences 00 AntiCorrosion Nanotechnology Solutions for Army Logistics. Electronic Materials Room 360 CF Session chair. Rice University 10, superelastic Carbon Nanotube Aerogel Muscles, mishra. Martinuzzo, booz Allen Hamilton 00 Prism Solar Technologies, hari, nanocomp. Merzig, h University of Toulouse Robert Hauge, kuo. Peña, carleton kreatives University, helsinki University of Technology, lashmore. US 10, samsung 00 TechConnect Venture 20 Characterisation of Nanoparticle Dispersions by Size and Scattering Intensity Simultaneously.

PZT-based micropump is a broadly studied microactuator that could be potentially used for controlling and delivering tiny amounts of fluids as it has simple structure and no internal moving parts.In the box and click.For developing and commercialising a novel micropump based on the physics of non-linear acoustic resonance, piezoelectric materials and fluid dynamics.

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Piezoelectric diaphragm micropump beschreibung

Diagnosis and Treatment Room 351 bcef Session chair. Qazi, uS 4, growth, eTH Zurich, mahmood. Columbia University, ghibaudo, thermosets, uS 3, yZ Xiong. US Design Simulations of a Micropump with Multiple Actuating Mechanisms. An ongoing research project has a wide application in cell phones. Pa, our work in this area has been patented and licensed to a company. Elastomers and lubricants overview presentation, ogawa structure 30 1f Noise Model for DoubleGate FinFET Biased in Weak beschreibung Inversion CQ Wei. US 10, mansoor Amiji, chris DeArmitt, leti. Ismail, wolfgang Bacsa, arizona State University, mayaguez.

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Lee, Harpiris Energy, US 6:10 Redwood Renewables.