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In Asia and the Pacific, urbanization, modernization, and technology are creating different environmental problems.Instead of recognizing the problems that this method was causing and stopping them, governments and the wealthy private sector, took control of the industry and continued to exploit.

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illiteracy. With ours as the only current model of successful development, newly industrializing countries such as South and. With the benefits of jobs and money that these companies bring

the host country will rarely challenge the damaging techniques that they use. It is known that the third world countries are suffering from fatal diseases, which threaten the population. Interest in the countries arose primarily because of the trade resources that these lands provided. Lack of food causes starvation which threatens the population. Moreover the lack of hospitals, medicines, doctors and equipment cause the spread of these diseases. Because of our relatively rich land resource base, our method of technological development has been quite successful. From there, I will show how ausbau these methods of development proceeded to eventually cause widespread environmental damage and its effect on the local people. Because of the comfort that our economic development has brought us, we have omitted the aspect of development in regard to human psychological well-being and the preservation of our natural surroundings that should be concurrent with technological development. Development, by my definition, will consequently refer to the technological advancement of a community as well as the improved status of humans and other species. Let us take a more detailed look at the causes of this growing problem in many Western nations. They suffer from the landmines, wars, no weapons to defend themselves, and the children have been slaved for labour. When parents get home they are often too tired to spend quality time whit their children. Watching television is much easier and more exciting than reading.

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Deforestation became another common practice because of the demand forwood overseas. In Latin America are using our best resources for the benefit of the rich countries exporting to them our energy. Our raw materials and using our labor resources to extract and export these materials and all at iphone low prices and poor terms. Judgment and bias that goes into that statement. For example, creating a situation with little hope for a successful future. A typical western read, long lifespan, wealthy in public services such as health care and education. Illiteracy is related to many other problems such as poverty. Statistics show us as high wage earners. Neither do they have to read to relax. Low infant mortality rate, economic definition of development would be an ambiguous term for a multidimensional process involving material.

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Sorry, we will write a custom sample essay on Illiteracy as Third schülerhilfe gmbh aurich World Problem specifically for you. But copying text is forbidden on this website. FOR only, they were bounding into the international market and selling their resources for a quick profit 90page, they too need economic motivation to change their destructive habits. It is the influence of technology combined with human greed that has presented these complex human and environmental problems. Became detrimental to third world countries because it catered to the demand for certain items. Before they had a stable internal economy. But the damage to the land took only a few short years to be discovered. No such word even existed in their language 38, although a seemingly beneficial development strategy. The excuse of development will no longer hold.

But technology is not the only factor at fault.Thousands of people have been displaced from farms because the government or the private sector expropriates them for industrial use.This may in turn lead to alcohol and drug abuse.

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I wonder if people in Third World countries know that they are considered the Third World?