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Glenrothes Select Reserve

Coarse Not a fan, not pleasant on the nose - rotten fruit and too much spice - finish just alcohol.Not a whiskey for relaxing with, but would come in handy for degreasing the M/C brake pads!Cheers Unexpected Joy This was a Christmas gift from a friend who usually gets me a Glenfidich or Glenmorangie.

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chance to win 24/7 Help and advice online - get a response within seconds. As a Comparison I would typically select a Macallan (10 or 12yr old) as that

would be my personal favorite until I tried Glenrothes Select Reserve. Liked the minature, loving the bottle Had some bad experiences when young with Whisky and was put off for years. Pass Well balanced non Vintage Sip it and let it mellow on the tongue. Worst of my collection The nose is pretty select bad on this one (rotten vanilla mouth is pretty much a taste of alcool, and not a bad finale which is why I give it. Glenrothes new strength and in 1993 Berry repackaged the single malt and started releasing expression as vintages with no age statement. Smooth as silk Maybe not the most complex or deep flavored single malt, buy absolutely one of the easiest to drink. Haven't tried it yet. Here we pay around 60 Can. Have noted that, I do like to try ALL whiskys affordably available. Rough Had this as a Christmas gift found it very rough no better then a 3 year old supermarket grain whiskey improves slightly with a drop of water but not worth the money Weak Like drinking a blended scotch mixed with water. 2: in the netherlands this is the best value for money you can get, i got this bottle for 26 euro. Rotten, strong alcohol odour. Gentle barley whispers sweet nothings to the/its select honey. Mannoch Hills ; Glenrothes draws its water form two close natural springs. Let me tell you.

I loved, i highly recommend it for new malt drinkers or for the more advance as well. M sorry to gush, if you have 30 to spend. Mild for my nose and sharp for my mouth tongue. I find it excellent value sometimes slightly good introduction for argumentative essay cheaper on offers in supermarkets better than many more expensive Speysiders.

The, glenrothes traditionally bottle single malts from specific vintages, so this no-age-statement example raised a few eyebrows when it first appeared.However, the only thing recent batches have raised is the bar - this is tremendous easy-drinking Speyside.

Glenrothes rose like a gefrierkombination phoenix once again and became a main player in Whisky game. Not worthy no character, suck it and see, struggled with every single dram of this. Fully agree with review below, add some water you retard, my favourite is a glen mhor but at 235 for a bottle I would expect it to be special.

The Flavour and Smells are just Devine.I'm new to single malt and found this to be the best yet tried.

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Not a fan Smooth at first, then a harsh finish.