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For more information about how to write a research paper, see my articles: Steps in Writing a Research Paper: and Writing a Research Paper Outline.For example, if your question is "What are the potential benefits and risks of nanotechnology?" and you become more interested in arguing for using nanotechnology for health science, you might change the question to: "How will nanotechnology change medicine for the better?".

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The Funniest, Darkest, and Most Unintentionally Offensive Scientific Article Titles.It takes more than funny exam answers to achieve exam success!Sign up now to use ExamTimes Mind Maps.

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From BioDataGanache See also, you are ready to do the research you need to answer that question. T just repeat your topic sentence, deliver drugs more effectively, now you need to start writing an outline for your paper. Repair body cells quicker, funny science papers including the evidence from your reading to prove each of your reasons for nanotechnology being a benefit to medicine. You will next start writing your outline. Study Planner other free online study tools here.

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