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Instead of making your home a burning furnace, try putting on extra layers.Work from home where possible.

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fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. Unnecessary usage of electronic appliances will not only save fuel.e. Turn off Electronic Devices: Turn off electronic devices when you are moving out for a

couple of days or more. They consume 70 less energy then ordinary bulbs and have longer lifetime. Professors John Latham and Stephen Salter from the UK believe that by increasing the number of such clouds, enough heat from the sun can be reflected back into space to offset global warming. Sign up with mail preferential services to stop junk mail. Check with your local provider and see if this test is available. Keep tyres inflated to the correct pressure. Whether you are a lumberjack, a politician, a stay-at-home parent, or a police officer, you are a citizen of the planet Earth. Also, look out for other possibilities, for.g.: car pooling. If you have room to plant a tree in your yard, try to. When the waste is burnt, it release toxic gases in the atmosphere which result in global warming. Insulate your home and block draughts around doors and windows. Actually celebrate Arbor Day and Earth day: Although most of us hear about these days in passing, see what the buzz is all about. Transportation is a major contributor of greenhouse gases. Human Volcano Volcanic eruptions emit large quantities of sulphur dioxide that blocks out some of the heat from the sun. Save electricity: Turn off the lights, television, computer and any other electrical device when not in use. Get Home Energy Audit Done: Call a home energy audit company and get an audit done for your home that will help you to identify areas that consume lot of energy and are not energy efficient at all. You can recycle almost anything for.g.: paper, aluminum foils, cans, newspapers. You may be surprised by how relaxing it is to take a public bus, as you can sit and read and not worry about finding a parking space. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Reduce your need to buy new products or use less, resulting in a smaller amount of waste. Dont forget, however, that you can help all on your own, and even get a new hobby out of the effort. Go Green: Using energy star appliances will not only save money, but also the amount of energy wasted in your home. Look for Renewable Fuel Options: If you cant afford an electric car, buy the cleanest gasoline as possible. Global Warming occurs when greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide (CO2) are released into the earths atmosphere. Fit individual thermostats to radiators and don't heat rooms that aren't used. Avoid buying products with excessive galaxy s6 beschreibung packaging. By recycling you can help in reducing landfills. Some people suggest that we need to change everything we are doing, right this second, in order to stop the cycle of warming. Try looking for products made from recycled goods, like paper cups, toilet paper, and even furniture. Reusing and recycling old items can significantly reduce your carbon footprint as it takes far less energy to recycle old items than to produce items from scratch. Cutting down consumption, is a huge step to reducing energy wastes. By supporting foundations and organizations that protect forests and encouraging sustainable logging practices, you can help bring our planets temperature down. Boil only as much water in the kettle as you need. Gather opportunities and establish programs that will help you to share information with friends, relatives and neighbors. Here is a list of some of Global Warmings effects: Rising of sea levels: A rise in temperature cause polar ice caps and glaciers to melt, which can cause a rise in sea levels and warmer waters. Aggressive driving and frequent applying of brakes hampers the engine and can even lower the mileage of your car.

By driving carefully and keeping your vehicle in good condition you can what can we do to stop global warming essay save up to 30 on your fuel bills and cut greenhouse gas emissions what can we do to stop global warming essay at the same time. Lofts, ride Your Bike, use organic soil and fertilizer, start your car as usual. Stop Idling Your Car, but unless your car is buried in snow. Industry isnt evil, the global average is 5 tons per person per year. Reuse, org Carbon Footprint ml The Carbon Neutral Company p My Climate. Insulate walls, id9 L geoengineering climate engineering Ambitious schemes have been proposed that would manipulate our climate through geoengineering. Healthy it reduces the amount of CO2 released into the air.

Global warming has caused numerous effects on the Earths.Most experts agree that global warming is serious problem that.

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Check Your Tires, like most of the household ideas that will help junior fight global warming. Gardening is a healthy activity and a fun way to make your home or community beautiful. Lower your thermostat 2 degrees in the winter. Electric and water bills, energyefficient products can help you to save energy. Consequently resulting in droughts, combine multiple journeys into one and do your weekly shopping in a single trip. Just dont throw them away, we all can play our part in combating global warming. You will be making it known that these factors matter and should be encouraged. Global Sunshade A similar scheme to the space mirrors idea involves placing a giant sunshade in orbit between the sun and Earth. The first step is being aware of how much you contribute.

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On board each disc would be a tiny camera, computer and solar sails allowing each disc to align itself so as to refract light from the sun just enough so it misses Earth.One of the greatest gifts afforded to every adult citizen in a democracy is the ability to vote.While the Earth goes through warming and cooling changes over millions of years, since the 1950s, the global temperature has shot up to much higher levels than can be explained by natural climate variations.

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Most experts agree that global warming is serious problem that will take significant human effort to stop it and reverse its effects.